What's Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive painting is an invitation to connect to yourself, explore your inner world, get in touch with your creativity, and express it with paint on paper. The sole emphasis in this type of painting is in the creative process and our journey. 

The painting is a tool for self-exploration and expression, and as such, there is no expected “product” at the end.  

Most intuitive paintings are not meant to be sold or hung on a gallery wall. Often, you’ll even find it hard to show them to others, since they are very personal. Each painting, being a dialog between you, the blank paper, and the paint, serves you on your path. It’s your hidden secret, to choose whether share or not. 

What's in it for you? 

Through the process of intuitive painting you will discover new insights, experience personal growth, and connect with others who share this practice. Your sole commitment is showing up with an open-mind.  

This kind of painting does not require previous painting experience or artistic “talent”. It is believed that all humans are born creative. However, over the years, as we grow up, we become judgmental and form beliefs regarding our creativity and our ability to express ourselves. Each one of us acquires tastes and may think: “I can't draw a figure”, “this is ugly/pretty”, “the composition is wrong”, “I hate black”, and so on...  Intuitive painting offers a departure from these conventions, rules, and states of mind - space free of judgment (including and maybe mostly - ours), where one can be truly who he/she is. 

By finding this freedom within ourselves, we can find joy and limitless opportunities in painting, as well as in our personal life. Thus, Intuitive Painting is a very powerful process.

At times painting feels like a roller coaster. There are moments of total bliss in which we are immersed in the painting; enjoying every tiny dot, each small line we paint, without noticing the passing of time. Other moments can bring frustration, sadness, or anger, causing us to want to end the session RIGHT NOW. 

As in life, each session will allow you to experience a range of emotions, and express them without limitations in a safe environment.

How is it done? 

My classes are carried out in a group setting. Each session begins and ends with a sharing circle. Though you are not obligated to talk about your experience, sharing your insights, joys, struggles or discoveries often leads to a deeper connection with other participants in the group.  Additionally, it gives us a chance to understand that our experiences, emotions, and thoughts are universal.

The instructor guids each participant according to their pace.