As an artist, I’ve been creating as long as I can remember. I’ve worked with different kinds of media from sketching, painting, and graphic design, to bead work, re-finishing furniture, paper mache and crocheting.  My most recent work has been on mixed media on canvas. 

My academic background is in Social Work and Psychology, however, life circumstances and several decisions, led me to other career fields. With the need to please others, my internal voice  pushed me to get a “real” job, and leave my passion for the arts on the back seat.    

After doing some soul searching, I discovered intuitive painting. On a rainy January day, I took my first class at the CCESF, and I immediately knew that this is where I belong, and this is what I want to do.  

I’m very grateful to my remarkable teacher, Barbara Kaufman, who has given me the opportunity to learn from her rich experience and deep wisdom. She always gives me the support  I need, and allows me to spread my creative wings and fly. 

Intuitive painting makes me feel at home; It's a place where I’m able to express my creativity and explore my life’s journey. In this safe space I am free from being judged, criticized, or limited by anyone or anything. And thus, I found out that I am the only one who is able to restricts myself. This process offers me a deep introspection and complete engagement, where self-discovery occurs without being concerned about the outcome or the final product.       

Through intuitive painting I’ve learned to forgive and be kind to myself and others.  

This is not a painless process for me, but it is an extremely rewarding one, especially when I completely let go and surrender to a greater force.


At Bare Soul Painting, I offer my skills and knowledge, and give you the opportunity to experience and explore your creativity.  

With an open heart I wish to inspire and share this gift with those who are brave to embark on this beautiful creative journey.   

Looking forward to paint with you,  

Hila Adar-Katzir